HK actor and singer Nicholas Tse says he has applied to give up his Canadian citizenship


    6th September 2021 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong actor and singer Nicholas Tse spoke in an interview on China Central Television recently. There were online rumours that after Vicki Zhao Wei, Canadian Nicholas Tse, American Liu Yifei, singers Wang Leehom and Pan Weibo will be the next targets of censorship by Chinese authorities.

    Speaking of nationality being questioned, he said: “I saw some comments saying, are you not Canadian? In fact, because I was born in Hong Kong, so I am originally a Chinese.” “Actually, I have already applied to give up my Canadian citizenship.” Nicholas is the first artist to publicly announce that he has given up his other nationality. He believes that he has the responsibility to spread the good things of China to the world. He said: “Chinese spirit can be promoted.” He also believes that he has a strong sense of national responsibility in his heart.