HK actor and singer Julian Cheung returns to Hong Kong amid JPEX unlicensed controversy


    16th September 2023 – (Hong Kong) Julian Cheung, well-known actor and former brand ambassador for the Hong Kong region of the crypto trading platform “JPEX,” has been implicated in the controversy surrounding its unlicensed operations. After the incident came to light, Cheung quickly distanced himself from the platform, stating that he reserves the right to seek legal recourse. Despite being caught up in the unlicensed trading scandal, Cheung appeared unfazed as he recently returned to Hong Kong from abroad with his wife Anita Yuen and their son, Morton Cheung.

    In recent years, Julian Cheung and Anita Yuen have frequently made public appearances as a power couple in mainland China. After completing a performance in Malaysia, Cheung was spotted at the Hong Kong airport along with his wife and their son on the evening of the 15th. Excited netizens who happened to be on the same flight as their childhood idol expressed their joy, stating that the family of three boarded the plane without any celebrity airs, handling their own luggage. One of the passengers recognised Cheung as he walked past their seats and took the opportunity to ask for a photo with him on behalf of his wife, to which Cheung kindly agreed, suggesting they take the picture in the front. The netizen couldn’t contain their happiness, praising Cheung’s down-to-earth nature and remarking on his handsomeness. They expressed regret for not taking a photo with Anita Yuen.

    In the photos, the 52-year-old Julian Cheung can be seen with his salt-and-pepper hair and a full beard, exuding a mature and rugged charm. Dressed in an all-black sportswear ensemble, he confidently posed with fans at the aircraft door, while another picture captured the back view of Cheung and his son walking side by side toward the immigration hall. The 16-year-old Morton is now as tall as his 1.8-meter-tall father, surprising netizens with their resemblance and commenting on their similar silhouettes. Many complimented Julian Cheung, praising his height, youthful appearance, and character, stating that he could easily play a werewolf and noting the importance of his good reputation.

    Julian Cheung became the brand ambassador for JPEX in the Hong Kong region last year, with advertisements featuring him appearing on television, outdoor billboards, and bus stop lightboxes across the city. His management team recently responded to media inquiries, revealing that JPEX had provided them with overseas registration documents. However, they discovered in mid-2022 that JPEX was under the supervision of the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) and promptly notified the platform in writing that they could not use Cheung’s image for promotion until they obtained a license in Hong Kong. Cheung’s team made it clear that they reserve the right to pursue legal action against JPEX.