HK actor and singer Aaron Kwok warns netizen after his family’s privacy was intruded in restaurant


    19th November 2022 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong actor and singer Aaron Kwok and his wife Moka Fang have always been very protective of their daughters, Chantelle and Charlotte. They rarely share pictures of their children on social media.

    A few days ago, a netizen ran into Aaron’s family in a restaurant, along with Fang’s parents. The netizen posted a series of photos on social media. The netizen expressed disappointment after seeing the idol and wife in person. They were both described as extremely short but the netizen said that the wife still maintains a good body after giving birth to 2 children.

    In the photo, Aaron and his family were eating in a private room of the restaurant. When he was about to leave, netizen rushed forward to take pictures. The netizen’s action seemed to anger Aaron. He blocked Fang and their daughter behind him and pointed at the photographer and warned. In the end, Aaron escorted the younger daughter Charlotte to leave while his wife pulled the eldest daughter Chantelle to follow behind. Chantelle also took a glance at the photographer.