HK actor and singer Aaron Kwok and family enjoy Sunday at Sha Tin Racecourse

    Moka Fang (left) and Aaron Kwok (right). Aaron's horse, DANCING CODE (G365).

    28th May 2023 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong singer and actor Aaron Kwok, made an appearance at the Sha Tin Racecourse today to show support for his horse, Dancing Code (G365), today. He brought along his wife, Moka Fang, and their two daughters, making it a family affair. The event was a highlight at the racecourse, drawing attention from the crowd.

    Kwok, who is known for his love for horses, displayed his affection towards his daughters by spending time playing with them. He also took the opportunity to take pictures with them in front of the cameras. Kwok’s daughters were praised for their cuteness and beauty, which some attributed to their mother’s good looks.

    When asked about his confidence in winning the race, Kwok replied modestly, saying he would do his best. He participated in the race with his horse, Dancing Code, which was the second favourite with odds of 3.3. However, they were unable to beat the more unexpected winner, BUNDLE OF CHARM (G213), with odds of 20. Kwok and his family were likely disappointed that they did not win, but they still enjoyed their time at the event.

    Kwok’s love for horses and participation in horse racing events have been well-known among his fans. He has been a horse owner for many years and has even invested in a horse racing business with his friends. Kwok’s appearance at theDancing Code (G365) event with his family not only showcased his passion for horse racing but also his dedication to spending quality time with his loved ones.

    Recently, a netizen had a chance encounter with the family of Aaron Kwok on the streets of Causeway Bay. The netizen revealed that she was looking down at her phone when she unexpectedly noticed a black seven-seater car parked on the side of the road. She wrote in a post, “Just as the car door opened, a beautiful girl wearing a peach-pink Dior short-sleeved sweater caught my eye. I reflexively looked at her pink clothes and realised it was Moka Fang. I had actually walked past her, but couldn’t resist turning back and quickly taking a few blurry photos with my phone.”