HK actor Alex Fong faces relationship challenges with girlfriend and marital plans remain uncertain

    Maple Yip (left) and Alex Fong (right).

    9th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) Alex Fong, the 44-year-old Hong Kong artist, and his girlfriend, Maply Yip, successfully weathered the storms of the past year together, establishing a stable relationship. However, Fong candidly admits that his previous scandals have had an impact, requiring more time for his girlfriend to develop a deeper understanding and trust in him. Thus, he asserts that they are not currently in the stage of discussing marriage. Additionally, Fong reveals that he is currently grappling with a midlife crisis and has contemplated a career change.

    Fong, who was once a member of the Hong Kong Swimming Team and named one of Hong Kong’s top ten outstanding young persons in 2014, transitioned from the swimming world to the entertainment industry. Despite his years in the industry, the COVID-19 pandemic significantly reduced his on-screen opportunities. Fortunately, he has been able to continue teaching swimming at a swimming school.

    Amidst his midlife crisis, Fong openly questioned himself and briefly considered a career change. However, his involvement in stage productions reaffirmed his commitment to his chosen path. He shared, “Performing in stage plays has touched people’s hearts, making me believe that I have not made the wrong decision.” When asked if he had considered taking the next step in his relationship with his girlfriend of one year, Maple Yip, and entering a new phase of life, Fong responded thoughtfully. He acknowledged that some people believe that settling down and starting a family can positively impact one’s career due to the responsibilities and obligations involved. However, he admitted that he had never really thought about marriage throughout his life. Fong emphasised the importance of taking it slow and not rushing into marriage at his age, as he does not want to treat marriage as a trivial matter or go through multiple marriages. Instead, he aspires to build a complete family and believes that open communication is crucial.

    Currently enjoying the honeymoon phase of their relationship, Fong revealed that he has not yet engaged in serious discussions about marriage with his girlfriend. He explained, “We have joked about it, but it will take time for her to truly know me. With the many news reports about me, she needs time to figure out whether the gossip magazine version of me or the person she sees in real life is the real me. She often doesn’t believe what I say and thinks I’m just acting for attention, unlike my usual self.” Fong also humorously acknowledged his difficulty in understanding why he has yet to gain his girlfriend’s trust fully, emphasising the need for time and mutual understanding between them.

    Earlier, Maple Yip, found herself entangled in the disturbing story surrounding Jung Myung Seok, the founder of the Christian Gospel Mission, also known as Providence or JMS. The recent Netflix documentary, “In The Name of God: A Holy Betrayal,” shed light on the shocking actions of Jung Myung Seok, who had been widely regarded as the leader of a cult since the church’s establishment in 1980. In 2008, he was convicted and sentenced to jail for sexually assaulting three Korean female followers during overseas trips between 2003 and 2006. After completing his ten-year sentence, he was released in 2018. However, he continued his predatory behaviour, using manipulative tactics disguised as “God’s love.” On 4th October, 2022, he faced charges of quasi-rape and sexual assault, with one of the victims being Maple Yip. This revelation has brought further attention to the dark history of Jung Myung Seok and the devastating impact he has had on his victims.