HK actor Adam Cheng’s eldest daughter Angelina Cheng found dead in apparent suicide, current wife reaches out to Angelina’s birth mother

    Adam Cheng (Insert picture) and Angelina Cheng (right).

    2nd October 2023 – (Hong Kong) Adam Cheng, and his first wife, Lo Wai-yu, were struck with tragedy as their eldest daughter, Angelina Cheng, reportedly took her own life in the United States at the age of 55 on the evening of 1st October. Friends from Angelina’s religious community made an urgent appeal to Adam Cheng through a YouTube channel, urging him to promptly contact them to arrange the necessary funeral arrangements. Earlier, Cheng’s current wife, Koon Jing-wah, responded on his behalf, stating, “We are in the process of understanding and handling the situation.” However, Koon Jing-wah has recently released a new statement, revealing that Adam Cheng’s emotional state has yet to recover.

    Adam Cheng, who is currently grieving the loss of his daughter, continues to struggle with his emotions. Speaking to the media, Koon Jing-wah shared, “We are currently handling the situation, and Adam Cheng’s emotional state has not yet stabilised. As far as we know, Angelina’s birth mother is alive and residing in Vancouver. Yesterday, some relatives were able to make contact with her through a phone call, and we have provided the contact details to the church. Due to legal matters in the United States concerning Angelina’s property, including her house and car, her birth mother is her rightful representative, and we hope that she will personally handle these matters. As for other funeral arrangements, if she grants permission, we will do our best to assist.”

    Koon Jing-wah further revealed that they have managed to establish contact with Angelina’s birth mother and expressed their hope for her involvement in handling the aftermath.