Hip Hop duo FAMA criticised by HK fans for singing “Cantonese Song is My Ex” to please Mainland fans during their concert tour


    20th January 2023 – (Hong Kong) Earlier, the Hong Kong Hip Hop duo FAMA gave up the Hong Kong market and went to Mainland to develop their career. They decided to hold a 15 concerts in Mainland and omitted Hong Kong in celebration of their 20th anniversary and the two have been active on social media such as Weibo and Xiaohongshu. Among them, from 3rd to 10th January, they performed 8 consecutive nights in Guangzhou, Foshan, and Dongguan within 8 days, breaking the record for the number of consecutive performances by the duo. After completing the Zhuhai show yesterday (16th), they took a break and returned to Hong Kong to spend the Lunar New Year with their families.

    The duo released a new album earlier, which contains 9 new songs, and one of them is “Cantonese Song is My Ex”. The lyrics use old lovers to compare Cantonese songs, and they even sang in Mandarin: You have always been depraved and sad, you are out of touch with this world, every time it is the same, it’s all the same.”, “I suddenly miss the moments of the two of us in the past, writing lyrics on the desk after class”, “Because it’s too easy to get, so you patronise me” These lyrics imply that Cantonese songs have lost their glory, but Mainland fans are extremely excited, and the duo even promised Guangzhou fans to hold concerts every May in Guangzhou for the next three years.

    Meanwhile, their group of fans and netizens in Hong Kong feel that FAMA duo have sold themselves out in order to make as much money as possible in the Mainland. Some netizens pointed out that they have already forgotten their roots in order to make money.

    FAMA is a Hong Kong hip hop duo consisting of members C Kwan and Luk Wing (6-Wing). Formed in 2002, the duo have since released 10 studio albums and EPs. Known for their quick-wit and humour, along with the use of lyrics and music to reflect Hong Kong’s society and culture, C Kwan and 6 Wing have also found success as television hosts and actors.