Hins Cheung delights fans in London with three sold-out shows at Royal Albert Hall


    19th March 2023 – (London) Hong Kong singer Hins Cheung recently made history as the first Chinese artist to hold three consecutive concerts at the iconic Royal Albert Hall in London. The concerts were part of “The PRIME CLASSICS HINS LIVE in LONDON” tour and drew a diverse audience from around the world, including China, the U.K., the U.S., France, Denmark, and over 500 fans who flew in from Hong Kong just to attend the shows.

    Cheung expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to perform at the prestigious venue and share his music with a new audience. He also saw the concerts as a personal challenge, treating each night as an exam with the audience as the examiners. Cheung promised to give his all and hoped to receive their applause and encouragement.

    During the concerts, Cheung revealed that he had secretly joined a Facebook group for Hong Kong immigrants in the U.K. six months ago using his private account. He expressed his curiosity about the lives of those who had left Hong Kong and said he missed his fans. When an audience member shouted, “We miss you!” Cheung replied, “I miss you too! That’s why I flew here, to see you all!”

    Cheung described the concerts as a chance to peel away the layers of himself like an onion and present them to the audience. Despite his 42 years of age, Cheung said he would give his all during the three nights of the shows.

    The sold-out concerts were a testament to Cheung’s popularity and the success of his tour. Cheung’s next stop on the tour is in Singapore, where he will perform on 23rd April at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.