Hilary Chong emerges victorious at the Miss Hong Kong 2023 Pageant

From left to right: Lynn Wang, Hilary Chong and Lovelle Wang.

27th August 2023 – (Hong Kong) The highly anticipated Miss Hong Kong 2023 pageant reached its climax this evening, with Hilary Chong emerging as the crowned champion. The hot favourite, Hilary Chong, showcased her confidence and talent throughout the competition, ultimately securing the coveted title. Lynn Wang claimed the first runner-up position, while Lovelle Wang took home the second runner-up spot.

The program kicked off with a segment featuring the contestants competing against an AI version of a beauty queen named Evelyn. The four male hosts took turns asking them questions to test their wit. However, the audience was left wondering how closely the AI resembled a real person.

Renowned singer Mike Tsang led the contestants in a singing performance, accompanied by their graceful dance moves. While some participants struggled with their dance steps, Lovelle Wang, contestant number 17, stood out as the best dancer.

The third segment aimed to evoke emotions with a theme of “Conversations with Future Self.” The organiser designed an aged version of a beauty queen using AI technology and had a dialogue between the present-day contestants and their future selves. However, the segment felt overly long and somewhat disconnected, as if the inclusion of AI was forced.

Following that, the contestants showcased their sensuality by donning swimsuits and performing a captivating dance routine. The recipient of the “Miss Friendship” award was announced as Jenny. This was followed by the highly anticipated swimsuit Q&A session, in which the contestants displayed their creativity in answering questions. However, it was evident that the audience was eager to witness the contestants’ embodiment of feminine beauty.

A group of aspiring stars from the TVB talent show and members of “The Voice at Midlife” performed in the sixth segment, but the performance did not have any standout elements. In the seventh segment, the contestants elegantly appeared in traditional cheongsam dresses, and Lynn Wang was awarded the title of “Miss Photogenic.”

The three winners.