Hikers climb cable tower and slope near cable car in Ocean Park


15th November 2020 – (Hong Kong) There are reports on social media recently that some citizens walked out of the mountain trails when hiking near the Ocean Park. Some hikers were seen climbing near the cable car at a dangerous slope. A few took pictures on a rock oblivious to the danger. The viral photo shows a section of the cable car at Deep Water Bay and Aberdeen Sports Ground. Three others climbed down the slope with bare hands. One of them was holding an umbrella in his hand and walking down the steep slope. Another was seen climbing up the cable tower and a cable car passes by above his head with the slope under his feet.

Their dangerous acts have attracted many online criticisms. The trail is a section of the Ocean Park cable car system. It is mainly used for maintenance works, emergency rescue and evacuation. However, because the section has a pleasant view of Deep Water Bay, many citizens liked to hike there. Safety guidelines are placed at the entrance to remind the public to stay away from the cable car system tower, electrical facilities and pipes. Hikers are warned not to interfere with the cable car system equipment, etc.