Hike to Tai Lam Chung Reservoir – ‘Thousand Islands’


Tai Lam Chung Reservoir was built during the 1950s in Tai Lam Country Park. This hike is strongly recommended for intermediate and advanced hikers only as part of the trail requires laborious clambering to reach the top before you can enjoy a bird’s eye view of the Thousand Islands. The descend down the stream is extremely exhausting as we suggest an alternative route following a mountain stream.

Bird’s eye view of Thousand Islands

Once you have arrived at the So Kwun Wat Tsuen minibus stop, keep going left and follow a tarmac trail after you see a temple on your right.

Turn left towards So Kwun Wat Tsuen Area 4 after you see this temple.

As you continue on the trail, there will be a MacLehose Trail Stage 10 sign showing you the way to Tai Lam Chung Reservoir. Keep walking until you see the reservoir, you can see part of the reservoir along the bridge on Siu Lam on the right if you wish. Otherwise, keep walking on MacLehose Trail Stage 10 until you see a hidden path on the left with some ribbon marks on trees left by hikers.

The is the hidden trail which you must not miss to reach the top of the peak.
The hidden trail is very steep and treacherous.

This is where the hike will become more difficult as the route to the top is very steep. It is worth the hard effort as this path will lead you to the magnificent ‘Thousand Islands’ View.

You can spend an hour on the top to enjoy the splendid view before descending. To go down from the top, follow the ribbons on the trees and you will reach a treacherous path filled with tree trunks. Keep walking until you see a stream. You will need some skills to climb on the rocks along the stream.

You can see part of the reservoir along the bridge on Siu Lam in the beginning.
The rocks along the stream on the way down are very tricky to climb.
The rocks along the stream have some very interesting shapes.
Once you reach the bottom of the stream, you will come back to So Kwun Wat Tsuen.

8/10. Gloves are highly advisable as the steep trail down the stream is full of rocks

Duration : 4 and half hours

Direction : Take MTR to Tuen Mun Station. Cross the road to take green minibus no. 43 in front of San Hui market on Ho Pong Street to So Kwun Wat Tsuen.

To return, you will end up at So Kwun Wat Tsuen. Take green minibus 43 to Tuen Mun MTR station.

Take minibus 43 from Ho Pong Street.
Green Minibus 43 will take you to So Kwun Wat Tsuen
This is the Minibus Terminus where you get off. Continue to walk left to reach MacLehose Trail 10.