Hike to Needle Hill and Shing Mun Reservoir main dam


Needle Hill or Cham Shan is a mountain in New TerritoriesHong Kong. The peak of the hill resembles a needle and hence it is named Needle Hill. It has an altitude of 532 m. This is a part of a popular hiking route including Grassy Hill and Tai Mo Shan. Needle Hill is located within Shing Mun Country Park.Stage 7 of the MacLehose Trail includes the summit of Needle Hill. The Shing Mun Tunnels pass through the base of Needle Hill.

Distance : 12km

Duration : 4 hours

Difficulty : 7.5/10


Take Minibus 23K from Tai Po Market Station (Exit B) to Wun Yiu.

Take Minibus 23K from Tai Po Market Station to Wun Yiu Road.
Get off at the Wun Yiu Minibus terminus
Walk uphill on Wun Yiu Road.

Walk along Wun Yiu Road after getting off from the minibus. Once you have reached a junction, follow the sign to Lead Mine Pass and turn left after you see the Wilson Trail map board.

Turn left when you see Wilson Trail map board.
Go up the stairs here after the Wilson Trail sign board.

The uphill steps can be very tedious as the path will slowly turn into trail. Lots of clambering is required and it is advisable to take regular breaks.

Keep right once you reach a split junction and go up the steps on the right on Wilson Trail until you reach Lead Mine Pass.

You will reach a gazebo and toilet. There are many signages there leading you to Tai Mo Shan and Shin Mun Reservoir. Go to the left after you pass the gazebo and follow the Tai Po Kau sign.

Follow the Tai Po Kau sign and walk on the road before you see the Grassy Hill/Needle Hill sign.

You will then walk on a road before reaching another junction where you will see Grassy Hill and Needle Hill signage. Follow the winding road around Grassy Hill and keep an eye on signages along the way. Follow Needle Hill sign and you will reach it.

Follow this path to the top of Needle Hill.

Once you have reached the top of Needle Hill, you can slowly descend and follow the path to Shing Mun Reservoir main dam. The path is actually part of MacLehose Trail (Stage 7).

Once you have descended from Needle Hill via MacLehose Trail (Stage 7), you will see Shing Mun Reservoir.

Walk across the main dam of the reservoir and follow some steps down before you reach a road that leads to Lei Muk Shue Estate, Tsuen Wan. You can then cross the road and take bus from the bus station.

Main Dam at Shing Mun Reservoir