Hike to Mount Johnston and Ap Lei Pai at Aberdeen


If you are looking for an all-in-one view hike, this is the Must-Do trail for you. Not only you can get a good panoramic view of buildings and yacht marina, you can also enjoy an amazing 360 view of the Lamma Island. The connecting tombolo between the two knolls allows hikers to enjoy some fishing, beach time and swimming. Avid rock climbing fans can challenge their skills by climbing on the rocky coastal lines. This hiking trail is definitely not for the faint hearted as it requires certain hiking skills to complete. It is not advisable to bring kids or pets as the trail is very steep.

Mount Johnston and Ap Lei Pai are actually two knolls linked together via a tombolo located in Aberdeen, Hong Kong. Mount Johnston is approximately 196m high and it takes around 30 minutes to reach the top. Once you are on top, you will get a full view of the Aberdeen Marina and Lamma Island.

Mount Johnston and Ap Lei Pai. Image Copyright: Dimsumdaily

Gloves are highly recommended because part of the trails requires some rope work. On the right side of both knolls, you can enjoy a full view of the East Lamma Channel. Once you are on the sandy tombolo, don’t miss out the coastal line of Mount Johnston where you will find geological marvel featuring some surreal rock formations by nature.Proceed to ascend the second knoll i.e. Ap Lei Pai. This second knoll is easier and you will see a lighthouse at the end of the trail. Enjoy an unobstructed sea view and beautiful sunset on the rocky cliff along the coastal line.

Lighthouse at the end of Ap Lei Pai. Image copyright : Dimsumdaily

Difficulty : 6.5/10 (Gloves are required)

Duration : 3-4 hours

Direction: Get off at Lei Tung MTR station (Exit B)  and go to the back of the bus-staff room in yellow at the bus terminus of Lei Tung Estate. The trail starts from behind. You will end the hike at the same bus terminus.

The Yellow Bus staff room at the Bus terminal. Image credit : Dimsumdaily
Go up the staircase behind the yellow bus staff room. Image credit : Dimsumdaily
Turn left and walk along the trail next to the barbed wire fence of a government property. Image credit : Dimsumdaily
Walk along this trail for around 25 minutes to reach the top of Mount Johnston. Image credit : Dimsumdaily
Be prepared to use the ropes as support because part of the trail is very steep.
Image credit : Dimsumdaily
On top of Mount Johnston, you will see the Aberdeen marina on one side.
Image credit : Dimsumdaily
This is the top of Mount Johnston. You will slowly descend to the tombolo.
Image credit : Dimsumdaily
Explore the coastal line of Mount Johnston on the right once you have reached the beginning of the tombolo. Image credit : Dimsumdaily.
The view along the coastal line is breathtaking and if you are an experienced hiker, you can go further and cross this wooden bridge that looks precarious to the other side of Mount Johnston.
Image credit : Dimsumdaily
Walk along the tombolo and ascend the second knoll, Ap Lei Pai. This knoll is lower and much easier. You will reach a lighthouse located at the end of the knoll.
Image credit : Dimsumdaily