The hike to Hung Shek Mun, the red coastline at New Territories


Hung Shek Mun, is a hidden coastline located on the northeast side of New Territories. The reddish coastline  was formed as a result  of  oxidation of iron in the rocky sediments. This is one of the rare and difficult coastlines in Hong Kong for hikers to visit. The green hills and islands in the background form a  striking contrast to the reddish coastline. The dam on the right of the embankment was built for fish farming. The hole in the middle of the  embankment allows the water to flow into the dam when the tide is high.

Difficulty : 7.5/10

Duration : 7 hours

Total distance : 16 km

Hikers are advised  to wear tracksuits as there are many thick bushes and trees on the trail. Bring plenty of water and food. The trails are not visible and only experienced hikers should go there.

The concrete embankment built as dam for fish farming.
Image copyright : Dimsumdaily
Hung Shek Mun – Image copyright: Dimsumdaily


Get off at Tai Po Market Railway Station. Take Minbus 20R to Wu Kau Tang (Public carpark)

Go to the back of the carpark next to the map board and you will see a path. Turn  left at the junction to Sam A Tsuen. When you see the Kau Tam Tso sign, walk along the trail on the right. Keep walking on the  Miu Sam Ancient Path before you reach  Sheung Miu Tin and then Ha Miu Tin.

Pavilion at the Wu Kau Tang carpark


After seeing the Ha Miu Tin sign, follow the trail on the right to Tai Tung, you will see some derelict houses and gradually ascend the right path. You will then reach Plover Cove Reservoir Country Trail. Follow the sign Luk Wu Tong before reaching Mount Newland (Kwun Yam Tung).

If you keep walking on the trail, you will notice the red rocks on the trail. When you reach post of warning notice on the right, take the path on the left which is bushy and full of trees. This is the route to Hung Shek Mun. There are also many ribbons on the trees and an arrow sign formed by rocks on the ground pointing towards Hung Shek Mun coastline.

The warning sign.
The Arrow sign formed by pebble stones.

This path is extremely treacherous. It is steep and full of trees/thick bushes. It will take you at least 1 hour 30 minutes before you reach the bottom where you will find a small reservoir. Follow the left path next to the reservoir and you will pass a dilapidated house before arriving at Hung Shek Mun.

Dilapidated house before Hung Shek Mun
Hung Shek Mun Image credit : Dimsumdaily

To return, follow the same path back to Wu Kau Tang.