High school student criticises Hong Kong education system using performance art

And it's so good that you cannot ignore!


Pang is a Form 6 student  studying at Gaia School. Last November, he was shocked, pissed and simultaneously inspired by a photo of a primary school kid doing homework on MTR. The child in the photo was ridiculed and shammed by online keyboard warriors.  He then decided to do something to help all students in Hong Kong, or to take one step further i.e. to let the society understand the extreme level of stress experienced by local students in Hong Kong.

What he did was more than just brilliant, let’s see the photos below and ponder over them. We believe you will get the hidden message of his performance art and understand the plight of being a student in Hong Kong.

He is a great young man, isn’t he? Share your thoughts with us on Pang’s performance arts!