High school student falls into a coma while running with a mask at Fukien Secondary School


30th May 2020 – (Hong Kong) All S3 to S5 students in Hong Kong resumed classes this Wednesday (27th). A S3 girl from Fukien Secondary School (Siu Sai Wan) took a physical education class at about 11am on 28th May. After wearing a mask, she fainted after running slowly. Her breathing stopped before she fell into a coma. She was sent to the Eastern District Hospital after emergency treatment and stayed in the intensive care unit. It is reported that after the girl fainted and her heartbeat stopped, the teacher did not provide artificial respiration for her, nor did she use the automatic external defibrillator machine (AED) equipped in the school for first aid.

The Principal denied that they did not administer first aid nor delayed in calling the police, and said that the teacher had given emergency treatment to the girl immediately called the police. Although the Education Bureau guidelines are for low-intensity exercise, such as jogging, students can choose whether to wear masks, but after the incident, the school decided that all students who take jogging in physical education classes should not wear masks.