HEXA restaurant boss speaks after video clip of his wife being caught in the same bed with another man shared online

    Simon Choi and Alva

    23rd November 2022 – (Hong Kong) A man caught his wife in the same bed with another man and the video was circulated on social media. The three of them appeared calm and many netizens were shocked over the incident.

    In the video, the woman and her lover were confronted by the woman’s husband. The three of them were unusually composed. It is confirmed that the person who made the video is Simon Choi, the owner of a well-known HEXA restaurant at Shop OTE, 101 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui while the woman in the video is his wife, social media influencer Alva Tsy and the other man is suspected to be a senior executive of a telecommunications company. This afternoon, Alva shared on her Instagram to respond to the incident. In the video circulated on the Internet, Alva and the suspected senior executive of the telecommunications company were sleeping together. Simon Choi then asked the man: “Who are you? Please leave first.” The man then responded, “You give me some time, let me go to the bathroom first.” Choi then said, “How to give you some time? Who are you? Please go out first! Did you just meet each other today?”

    Simon Choi and Alva.
    The man caught sleeping in the same bed with the wife.

    Choi then lifted the duvet cover. He saw that his wife was half naked and asked, “What’s happening?” She then continued to sleep.

    Alva had already posted earlier that she and Simon Choi had officially broken up, and Simon Choi also shared a post confirming that the two had broken up. Simon Choi also said on social media, “Facing completely false accusations, especially about PHYSICAL VIOLENCE & THREATS and police report, in fact, nothing has happened at all. I believe that only the persons involved in each relationship will understand. Everyone must have experienced different relationship problems, so please don’t share anymore! THANKS EVERYONE FOR ALL THE KIND MESSAGES AND DMS! LET’S FOCUS ON WORKS! BIG LOVE”

    Alva also issued a statement earlier. She did not deny that she was the person involved, and emphasised that she had officially broken up with Simon Choi on the 16th of last month and was preparing to move out. She also said that because of COVID-19, he (her new lover) has been affected so badly that he has a lot of work, so being with him has nothing to do with money. He didn’t get paid as everyone expected. Instead, I work every day and try my best to make money.

    Simon Choi shared on his social media post today.

    Picture source: Instagram/alva.tsy
    Alva responded to the incident on her Instagram story today.
    Hexa Restaurant in TST

    According to the annual report of of Luk Hing Entertainment Group Holdings Limited which owns HEXA and Club Cubic Macao, Simon Choi, one of the executive directors of the company who is in his 40s has over 16 years of experience in the restaurant and bar and clubbing industry in Hong Kong and Macao. Since January 2001, he has invested in and was responsible for the management and operation of various bars and restaurants, such as (i) Shelter Lounge in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong (from January 2001 to December 2015), (ii) Census Lounge in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong (from October 2005 to December 2015), (iii) House Lounge in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong (from July 2006 to December 2015), (iv) Habitat Japanese Restaurant in Wanchai, Hong Kong (from December 2008 to April 2015), and (v) Shelter Italian Bar & Restaurant in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong (since May 2013), and he was also involved in the management of Old Cubic, acting as a managing director from its opening in December 2008 until May 2010.