Heroic man rescues parrot from treacherous waters at Praya in Kennedy Town


17th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) A heart-stopping incident unfolded yesterday at the popular tourist spot, Praya, Kennedy Town, where a middle-aged man braved the raging waves to save a parrot that found itself in distress. The dramatic scene was captured in a video that quickly went viral on the mainland Chinese social media platform, Douyin.

In the video, the middle-aged man can be seen standing on the steps near the shoreline, with his right hand raised above the water, seemingly trying to protect the bird perched on his hand. He desperately attempted to swim towards the safety of the shore or at least throw the parrot onto the steps, but the relentless waves thwarted his efforts, putting him in grave danger. Onlookers gathered on the shore, witnessing the perilous situation unfolding before them.

Realising the urgency of the situation, one bystander quickly grabbed a lifebuoy and threw it towards the struggling man. With one hand clutching the buoy, the determined rescuer made one last valiant attempt to propel the parrot onto the steps. Finally, after a series of harrowing moments, the middle-aged man managed to reach the safety of the shoreline, with the parrot unharmed.

The uploader of the video later revealed that the middle-aged man’s courageous act was solely motivated by the desire to rescue the stranded parrot. Thanks to his bravery and the timely intervention of the lifebuoy, both the man and the parrot escaped the treacherous waters unscathed.

The video clip also captures the intense struggle faced by the man as he fought against the powerful waves. At one point, it became evident that he had managed to grasp the parrot with his right hand, but the force of the waves prevented him from reaching the steps. Faced with limited options, he made the difficult decision to throw the bird towards the steps. However, fate had other plans, as another wave crashed down, sweeping the parrot back into the water. The parrot can be seen desperately flapping its wings, trying to stay afloat.

Witnesses at the scene shouted in alarm, urging someone to retrieve a swimming ring or lifebuoy and throw it further into the sea. Unfortunately, the first attempt to reach the man fell short. Nevertheless, the resilient rescuer managed to swim forward and catch hold of the parrot once again, tossing it towards the steps. Simultaneously, he grasped the lifebuoy that had been thrown to him and, with the assistance of others, was finally able to climb up the steps to safety.