Heroic construction workers honoured by HKCA for brave rescue efforts in Jordan’s New Lucky House fire

Lam Kin-wing.

12th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) Jordan’s New Lucky House on Jordan Road was engulfed in a devastating three-alarm fire that tragically claimed the lives of five individuals and left 40 others injured. Amidst the chaos of the fire, several construction workers from nearby sites displayed incredible bravery and resourcefulness, stepping forward to assist in the rescue efforts.

These courageous workers took immediate action, using fire hoses to combat the blaze, utilizing welding tools to cut through wire mesh, and mobilising cranes to deploy safety ladders for residents to escape. Their swift and strategic actions saved the lives of over ten people and significantly reduced the number of injuries sustained.

Today, the President of the Hong Kong Construction Association, Eddie Lam Kin-wing, along with representatives from the association, visited the site to commend these exceptional workers. At around 2:30 PM, President Eddie Lam and other members of the association arrived and engaged in conversations with the site manager and representatives from the construction company. Subsequently, two commendation certificates were presented to the deserving workers on behalf of the association.

President Eddie Lam personally shook hands with each of the thirteen workers involved in the rescue operation, expressing his admiration. Furthermore, a heartfelt message of encouragement was extended to the workers, praising them as “extraordinary construction workers.”

One of the workers, Mr. Man, who played a significant role in the rescue efforts, humbly described himself as an ordinary citizen, attributing the heroic status to the firefighters. He recounted the intense situation, stating, “The smoke was billowing out of the stairwell, and we helped residents evacuate floor by floor.” During the ordeal, the workers fearlessly entered the building, leading residents to safety. Mr. Man was present at the commendation ceremony, holding his certificate with a beaming smile.