Heroic chef who tried to stop the murderer at Plaza Hollywood yesterday says his only intention was to prevent the attacker from harming others


3rd June 2023 – (Hong Kong) A 64-year-old chef known as Fai bravely confronted a knife-wielding attacker in Plaza Hollywood yesterday. The incident occurred at around 5.15pm when Fai was having his dinner. He heard a child screaming and initially thought nothing of it. However, he soon heard someone shouting, “Someone is slashing people!” He rushed out into the hallway and found no one there. Suddenly, he saw the 39-year-old attacker holding a knife and attacking the female victims. Fai was shocked and thought of nothing but stopping the attacker. He grabbed 2 stools from the doorway and ran towards the attacker, who was just standing up, with the knife pointed at Fai. Without hesitation, Fai hit the attacker on the forehead with one stool, causing him to be stunned momentarily. The attacker did not retaliate, so Fai hit him again. The attacker then ran away, crying out and wailing by the mall’s signage, leaving Fai to observe him and prevent him from hurting anyone else.

Subsequently, the mall’s staff provided first aid to the injured victims and evacuated the crowd. Two passers-by, a man and a woman, also helped with the rescue. Police officers arrived later to control the situation, and Fai left the scene.

Fai humbly claimed that he was not a hero, nor did he have the ability to disarm the attacker. He only wanted to prevent the attacker from hurting others. The attacker was only 39 years old and had much better physical strength than Fai. Fai believed that he had failed to stop the attacker from hurting others and that he was incapable of doing so. During the incident, he was frightened, but fortunately, calmed down quickly. He thought he had been impulsive and did not consider his own safety at the time and was later criticised by his family.

Meanwhile, another citizen, a member of St. John Ambulance and the Scouts was also spotted attempting to save one of the victim’s life.