Heep Yunn student wins multiple debate awards and interns at the United Nations for AI research

Zoe Yuen

15th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) In a lively episode from 2011, a primary school debate video featuring teams from Yaumati Catholic Primary School (Hoi Wang Road) and Heep Yunn Primary School recently resurfaced, reigniting discussions on social media over the debate tactics employed during the competition. The teams were debating the topic “Are children in Hong Kong truly happy?” with Heep Yunn students challenging their opponents with persistent questioning, notably asking, “Are you mad at me?” This phrase quickly became a focal point for viewers.

The video captures the intense moments of the debate where Heep Yunn’s team, employing a mix of candour and tactical questioning, sought to unsettle their opponents. One of the standout debaters from Heep Yunn, Zoe Yuen, known for her assertive style, asked the pivotal question that not only shaped the debate but also showcased her budding rhetorical skills.

Fast forward to the present, Zoe Yuen’s journey from the school debate stage to the corridors of international diplomacy and consultancy reflects her remarkable trajectory. After graduating from Heep Yunn School, where she continued to excel in debate and eventually led her team to multiple championships, Zoe pursued higher education in political science and public administration at the University of Hong Kong. Her academic excellence garnered her a prestigious scholarship to study international governance and diplomacy at the Paris Institute of Political Studies.

Further enhancing her global experience, Zoe interned at UNESCO, focusing on artificial intelligence research, before joining London Politica, a leading consultancy specializing in political risk and social impact. Her role as a consultant underscores the practical application of her debate skills in analyzing and advising on complex global issues.

Meanwhile, Leung Yat-sum, another member from the same debate team, is carving out her path in the legal world, currently serving as a trainee solicitor at an international firm in the U.K.