Heavy rain and flooding hit Mai Po Lung Tsuen in Lok Ma Chau and Yuen Long Highway

Mai Po Lung Tsuen

23rd May 2023 – (Hong Kong) Early this morning, during the period when the yellow rainstorm warning signal was in effect, Mai Po Lung Tsuen in Lo Ma Chau was hit by flooding. The water level rose to knee-level, and debris was floating around. Some houses in the village were also flooded, and an elderly woman was trapped inside one of them. Rescue personnel arrived on the scene and were able to save the woman, who was unharmed. Afterwards, villagers worked to clear the drainage channels of leaves and garbage, and the floodwaters gradually receded. According to a villager surnamed Zhou, it rained heavily this morning, and within an hour, the village roads had turned into rivers.

In addition to Mai Po Lung Tsuen, Yuen Long Highway at the intersection with Long Tin Road was also affected by flooding. At least three vehicles were submerged and trapped in the floodwaters.

The Hong Kong Observatory issued a yellow rainstorm warning signal at 4.30am today, indicating that Hong Kong was experiencing or expected to have heavy rain with hourly rainfall exceeding 30 millimetres. The rain was expected to continue for some time.

In addition, the Observatory updated its special report on flooding in the northern part of the territory at 6.18am. It stated that the northern part of the New Territories, particularly Yuen LongPat HeungKam TinSan Tin, andNgau Tam Mei, was being affected by heavy rain. In the past hour, the area recorded over 70 millimetres of rainfall.

The heavy rain and flooding have caused significant disruptions to transportation, with multiple roads being closed due to flooding. Many commuters were forced to seek alternative routes or modes of transportation, leading to significant delays and inconvenience. The authorities have urged the public to exercise caution and avoid unnecessary travel, particularly in flood-prone areas.