‘He was f***ing with me’: Mike Tyson breaks silence on plane incident


New York Post

23rd May 2022 – (New York) For the first time since a viral video showed Mike Tyson throwing punches at an overzealous fan on a JetBlue flight last month, the former heavyweight champion spoke publicly about the incident.

On a flight on 20th April, Melvin Townsend III and Tyson got into it, as TMZ video showed, with Townsend allegedly throwing a water bottle at Tyson. Charges were not filed by the San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office.

“They said they ain’t gonna pick up charges,” Tyson said on the most recent episode of his “Hotboxin’” podcast. “He was f***ing with me, man. I shouldn’t even be taking public planes. My wife gets mad I take public planes.”

Tyson, 55, said he took pictures with Townsend before the incident. He didn’t sound like he wanted to be traveling with security or friends to watch his back.

“A bodyguard and a f***ing yes man. What am I gonna do on a plane?” Tyson said.