30th June 2019 – (Hong Kong) Beaufort Island (Lo Chau) is part of the Po Toi Islands which consist of Waglan Island, Po Toi, Lo Chau and Sung Kong from the East. Beaufort Island is located close to Pak Lau Tsai and northwest of Pak Lau Wan of Hong Kong.

Beaufort Island (Lo Chau)

The island (Lo Chau) has a length of 5.27 kilometres. The natural coastline comprises almost entirely of weathered rocks. One of the most famous natural feature is a rock formation that resembles a ‘pig kissing a dog’. This phenomenon can only be viewed from the boat and not on the island. However, the island also boasts many interesting rock formations including ‘Noah’s Ark’ rock, Lion’s Rock and a ‘Fish’ Rock.

It is important to go there on a bright sunny day as strong waves may prevent boats from reaching the island.

This island is only suitable for experienced hikers only as the slanting slope on the island is full of rugged cliffs and rock valleys. Most of the times, you need to clamber with hands (use of gloves is strongly advised) as lots of climbing are required.

Direction :

The island is accessible by special ferry/private boat from Aberdeen or Blake Pier at Stanley.

‘Pig kissing a dog’ rock formation. Picture credit : Weshare.hk
Picture credit : Weshare.hk
‘Noah’s Ark’ Rock. Picture credit : Weshare.hk
‘Noah’s Ark’ Rock. Picture credit : Blog.xuite.net
The cave of Lo Chau. Picture credit : Weshare.hk
Picture credit : Terry Ying
Picture credit : blog.xuite.net
Lion’s Rock. Picture credit : Weshare.hk
‘Fish’ Rock. Picture credit : Weshare.hk
Picture credit : Vincent Cheung