Halloween Fest is coming back to Ocean Park with Inspiration from ‘New Normal’


16th September 2021 – (Hong Kong) Halloween Fest is coming back to Ocean Park with a brand new other-worldly approach for the 20th anniversary of this special spooktacular! New Normal • New Hallow breaks all boundaries and guarantees visitors an immersive hellish festival enhanced with experiential interactions. 

Two decades of horror under one roof 

Over the past 20 years, Halloween Fest at Ocean Park has been one of the most popular festivities in Hong Kong, creating trend-setting experiences and signature moments in the city. To mark its 20th edition, the 20 Years of Horror exhibition at Applause Pavilion will open its doors for visitors to see the amazing costumes which helped bring to life the visual theatrics of Halloween Fest up-close. The exhibition will display over 23 designs in Chinese, Japanese, Mexican and western styles, and an immersive set featuring replicas of Japanese torii gates and the Chinese underworld. 

Pumpkins here, pumpkins there, pumpkins everywhere  

Scary and funny at the same time, the Waterfront Plaza will be dominated by pumpkins as it transforms into the Jack O’Lantern’s Kingdom presented by Blue Girl Beer. Visitors can walk into a garden full of freaky and friendly creatures and ghouls, and stroll through a giant pumpkin arch where the enormous 5-metre-tall Jack O’ Lantern King awaits them for wildly creative photos and videos. But beware of the night – the enchanting pumpkin garden will be turned into a mysterious playground of eerie experiences. Young kids and parents can also immerse themselves in the Halloween vibe at Jack O’Lantern’s Kingdom Trick or Treat

The murder mysteries at Old Hong Kong 

The sense of creepiness escalates as visitors travel back in time to investigate Old Hong Kong’s Murder Mysteries. The ghouls have been lurking since the murder case happened in Old Hong Kong in the 1960s. They have been waiting for a chance to ambush visitors and provide clues to the infamous event from the dark streets of the city. To discover the truth behind the baffling murder, visitors must visit the hawkers in the street, make deals with the devils in exchange for tips – only if they dare. 

Spooky underworld at the Summit 

For visitors who love to test their limits, frightening characters of all descriptions will be swarming at the Summit to take them on an interactive journey of the underworld. They can sign up for the mission in Survivor of the Undead, helping the mad scientist search for a cure to save the mutated human race while escaping from the random attacks of the undead!  

The horrifying journey continues in the Forbidden Rainforest Treasure Hunt. Visitors will sneak into the land of cannibals to hunt for missing treasures while keeping their secret map safe from the ferocious gangs’ water attack.  

Visitors craving for ultimate scare can join the lead of Master Y and the Soul Catcher in The Supernatural Ghost Tour, where they will walk into the most haunted control room of an abandoned thrill ride to have a closer encounter with the lost souls. Let’s pray that everything will be alright and trouble does not find you.   

Apart from the interactive experiences, visitors can enjoy the spooktacular light show, Shadows in the Dark, then take photos with the ghosts at Wedding of the Undead to mark a perfect conclusion of their visits to the underworld.  

A feast of Halloween themed food and beverages will also be resurrected in selected food kiosks and restaurants. The tailor-made set meal from Ginger Grill incorporates OmniTuna from Green Monday as ingredients, making Halloween Fest gruesomely complete with healthy alternatives! New game prizes will also be gradually launched at skill game booths starting from early October, enriching the festival with endless fun memories. 

Extend the thrill through the night 

As the finale of New Normal • New Hallow, the Starry Summit Glamping Halloween Package will guarantee thrill-seekers an extraordinary way to enjoy Halloween under the new normal. Available at HK$6,888 per tent for up to four persons, this limited-edition experience guarantees a one-of-a-kind Halloween getaway where participants will be escorted by the guardians of the underworld into the restricted area to uncover the secret of how the scary hallows are orchestrated. Even more exciting, visitors can spice up their adventure with a personalised hand painting and an exclusive private tour.  

Combo Ticket on sale now 

The Park is introducing a Halloween Combo Ticket to extend the New Normal • New Hallow haunted fun with unlimited access to Survivor of the UndeadForbidden Rainforest Treasure Hunt and The Supernatural Ghost Tour at HK$280 extra^.  

For information and booking, please visit Ocean Park’s official website: http://www.oceanpark.com.hk

Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2021 at a glance 

Location Attraction Date Opening hours 
The Waterfront Jack O’Lantern’s Kingdom presented by Blue Girl Beer 1–31 October 2021 (except Tuesdays) From 10am until Park closing 
Jack O’Lantern’s Kingdom Trick or Treat From 11am until 5pm 
20 Years of HorrorFrom 10am until Park closing
Old Hong Kong’s Murder Mysteries 14–17, 22–24, 29–31 October 2021 From 5pm until 10pm 
The Summit Survivor of the Undead 
Forbidden Rainforest Treasure Hunt 
The Supernatural Ghost Tour 
The Underworld Late Night Show  From 6pm until 10pm 
The Wedding of the Undead  
Shadows in the Dark  From 7pm until 10pm 
Halloween Special Ticket 
Ticket Type Offerings Price 
Halloween Combo Ticket^ Unlimited access to 3 Halloween Fest attractions 
(Survivor of the Undead, Forbidden Rainforest Treasure Hunt and The Supernatural Ghost Tour) 

*Daytime Experience: 1 to 31 October 2021 (except Tuesdays) 

  Day and Night Experience: 14 to 17, 22 to 24 and 29 to 31 October 2021 

^The Halloween Combo Ticket does not include the Park’s admission ticket, which will be sold separately.  

Starry Summit Glamping
Date: Designated dates between 1 October and 31 October 2021 (Total of 23 event dates) 
Time: From 10:30am to 11:30am of the next day 
Package Price (per tent): Weekdays:  HK$4,800 (including two-day Park admission and Ocean FasTrack on the first day for four people) 
Weekends and public holidays:  HK$5,280 (including two-day Park admission and Ocean FasTrack on the first day for four people)
Halloween Package:  HK$6,888 (including two-day Park admission, Ocean FasTrack on the first day, guided Halloween tour and priority access to designated Halloween attractions for four people)
Capacity: Four tents onsite, four people maximum for each tent  
Promotion period: From 16 September 2021 onwards at the Ocean Park website  http://www.oceanpark.com.hk