Hairy OnlyFans creator who hasn’t shaved or worn deodorant in two years quits barista job after huge six figure success

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    21st November 2022 – (Arizona) An OnlyFans creator who hasn’t shaved or worn deodorant for two years has revealed quit her job to make erotic content full-time – and now makes a six-figure salary.

    The 20-year-old, known by her screenname Cherry the Mistress (@cherrythemistressofficial),  started an OnlyFans account at the start of the pandemic when she was struggling to make ends meet while working as a barista and studying at university.

    Two years on, she makes upwards of US$29,839 a month and has dropped out of university in the U.S. to make content full time.

    The 22-year-old woman said she began posting on the site two years ago while she was in college.

    Cherry told the Irish Mirror: “It took me a few months [to decide to create an account]. I was like, okay, I’m going to really think about this because I’m putting my naked body out on the internet, so maybe I should give it some more thought, and I think one day I was like, let’s do it, and it’s been an incredible decision.”

    She explained: “The main reason why I started one was because I was in college and I was pretty broke.

    “I was going to school full time, and I was also working at a coffee shop. I was working part-time there, but I mean the cost of living is so expensive. So I was like, okay, I need to figure out another way I can get some money in.”

    For the first month, Cherry, from the South West region of the United States, was still shaving, but she soon decided to give up her razor for a more natural look.

    She said: “When I started OnlyFans, I did shave for about a month or so and then when I stopped shaving.

    “It was something that I decided to do on my own, and I was like, well hopefully, I’ll still be able to do OnlyFans with it. Hopefully, some people will find it attractive.”

    She added: “I definitely decided to stop shaving to kind of help normalise body hair for women.

    “I was taking a sociology class in college, and they were teaching gender norms and stuff like that, and shaving was one of them.

    “It really got me thinking, like wow, I’ve been shaving all my life. It’s something I’ve been told to do. It’s something I’ve been taught. Like, okay, this is something that I have to do as a woman, and so yeah, one day, I was just like do you know what? How come men don’t have to shave, and it’s totally fine, and women have to shave, so I just stopped one day.”

    Her family don’t know the line of work she’s doing, and just believe she’s ‘taking a break’ from studying.

    ‘My family is pretty old fashioned and conservative, so telling them what I do for a career and dropping out of college would greatly upset them,’ she said.

    ‘I know one day they will inevitably find out and I have to be prepared for that day.’

    Despite hiding her work, she’s built up a legion of loyal fans who she describes as ‘the sweetest’.  

    ‘They always tell me how much they love my natural curves and hairy pits and large bush,’ she added.

    ‘A lot of them call me their goddess and it definitely makes me feel so confident and special. 

    ‘Daily they tell to me how much they love my erotic content and hearing that really makes my long work days worth it. 

    ‘I have gotten a multitude of requests for custom videos, but I don’t know if I would consider them to be unusual. A lot of people have kinks that just aren’t spoken about often in the media or don’t feel comfortable sharing such a vulnerable thing.’

    Among her most interesting requests are people asking her to sit on cakes, humiliating men for their penis size and pretending to be someone’s mum – as well as ‘being a 50ft-tall giantess to squish them’. 

    ‘I think a lot of my fans love that I don’t share or wear deodorant, because it’s something they don’t see often,’ she added.