Hair loss plagues Hong Kong immigrants in the U.K. 

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10th June 2024 – (London) Hong Kong immigrants who have settled in the U.K. are facing a distressing problem—hair loss. The phenomenon has sparked a wave of concern among the community, with many individuals reporting a significant decrease in hair density and seeking urgent solutions to combat this predicament.

One concerned individual took to a Facebook group, seeking advice and asking, “Since coming to the U.K., I’ve been experiencing excessive hair loss. Does anyone have any suggestions to reduce hair shedding?” Sympathetic netizens promptly responded, attributing the issue to various factors such as the region’s hard water, limited sunlight exposure, and even emotional well-being. In a collective effort to alleviate the problem, they offered a range of viable remedies.

The original poster revealed that they reside in an area with hard water, a fact confirmed by the Hong Kong Water Supplies Department, which states that water hardness is primarily determined by calcium and magnesium content. Fortunately, the water supply in Hong Kong is predominantly classified as soft water. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), water with calcium carbonate levels below 120 mg per litre is considered soft, while anything above falls into the category of hard water. Based on this information, netizens speculated that the hair loss experienced by the individual could be linked to the local hard water in the U.K. Sympathetic online users from the U.K. passionately shared their personal experiences and offered advice, as depicted in the following responses.

One netizen suggested that installing a water softener could be beneficial, which was supported by a screenshot from a Facebook group. Others chimed in, sharing their own stories of hair loss that significantly improved after approximately six months, possibly due to adaptation or reduced stress levels. They emphasised the importance of adjusting to the local water conditions, suggesting that using specific shampoos and conditioners, as well as incorporating hair filters in showerheads, could be helpful. The netizens also discussed the impact of weather conditions and advised against daily hair washing. In fact, some even recommended embracing a bald look or trimming hair short to prevent further shedding.

The conversation took an interesting turn when one individual mentioned a friend who sought medical advice for excessive hair loss and was diagnosed with a vitamin D deficiency. This sparked a lively discussion about dietary interventions for hair care. Suggestions ranged from increasing sun exposure to absorb vitamin D naturally to consuming black sesame powder or black bean powder, believed to promote healthy hair growth.