HAD distributes rapid antigen test kits and KN95 masks to frontline property management workers


24th June 2022 – (Hong Kong)  The Home Affairs Department (HAD) announced yesterday that, in response to the changes of the epidemic situation, the Government will distribute rapid antigen test (RAT) kits and KN95 masks to frontline property management (PM) workers performing duties related to environmental hygiene or security, in support and recognition of their anti-epidemic work.

The Director of Home Affairs, Mrs Alice Cheung, today presented RAT kits and KN95 masks to the representatives of five PM trade associations, including the Hong Kong Association of Property Management Companies, the Hong Kong Association of Property Services Agents, the Hong Kong Property Services Alliance, the Federation of Hong Kong Property Management Industry Limited and the Hong Kong Institute of Housing. 
 At the presentation ceremony, Mrs Cheung said, “The HAD thanks the staunch support from the PM sector on anti-epidemic work, including assisting in the distribution of ‘Anti-epidemic Service Bags’ in early April, supporting the Government’s ‘restriction-testing declaration’ operations and ‘StayHomeSafe’ Scheme etc.”
 “Frontline PM workers have been dedicated to their work amid the epidemic. The epidemic situation has been volatile recently, frontline PM workers’ tasks of maintaining environmental hygiene and security have become more important. Therefore, the HAD hopes to distribute anti-epidemic supplies to frontline PM workers through the five PM trade associations more quickly and in a more targeted manner,” Mrs Cheung continued.
Each frontline PM worker performing duties relating to environmental hygiene or security in private residential/public rental housing, composite (i.e. commercial cum residential), industrial and commercial (including shopping malls) building blocks will be provided 14 (i.e. two-week portion) RAT kits and one pack of 10 KN95 masks. The HAD estimated that a total of 2.8 million RAT kits and 2 million KN95 masks will be distributed, benefiting around 200,000 frontline PM workers.
 The five PM trade associations will distribute anti-epidemic supplies to the workers concerned through its member PM companies (PMCs). The HAD via its District Offices will distribute supplies to frontline PM workers employed by PMCs which are not members of these five associations, owners’ corporations/organisations which have not engaged any PMCs, or “three-nil buildings”.