Ha Kwai House to become 3rd block in Kwai Chung Estate to be placed under 5-day lockdown tonight after 10 preliminary cases recorded

Ha Kwai House

25th January 2022 – (Hong Kong) The fifth wave of the local COVID-19 epidemic broke out, including a major outbreak in Kwai Chung Estate, with more than 226 cases accumulated. Both Yat Kwai House and Ying Kwai House are still under lockdown for 5 days, and residents are required to remain at home and undergo daily testing.

Ha Kwai House in Kwai Chung Estate which has recorded around 10 preliminary cases has become the third apartment block in the estate to be placed under lockdown for 5 days starting yesterday.

Meanwhile, according to sources, after the residents of Yat Kwai House underwent daily testing, at least 20 additional preliminary cases were added today (25th).

Dr.Joseph Tsang, the co-chair of the Infectious Disease Advisory Committee of the Hong Kong Medical Association said on a radio program this morning that the five-day “stay-at-home order” at Yat Kwai House will expire tomorrow (26th), but he believes that there are still a large number of confirmed cases in the estate and residents will have contact with others in different blocks within the estate. It is necessary to review whether to extend the number of quarantine days and expand the scope of the lockdown to prevent transmission from invisible patients.

He emphasised that Hong Kong is affected by the fifth wave, and it is believed that the number of confirmed cases will continue to increase in the short term. Recently, many citizens who have undergone compulsory testing have taken time to wait for the results. He believes that the government should review the testing capacity and consider seeking assistance from the mainland if necessary. There were 109 confirmed cases in Hong Kong yesterday (24th), of which Yat Kwai House accounted for 27 new confirmed cases yesterday. At present, Kwai Chung Estate, which has a total of 16 buildings, has accumulated more than 210 cases, and the number of affected buildings in the estate has increased to 11. As of yesterday morning, there were about 210 confirmed and preliminary confirmed cases in Kwai Chung Estate, 148 cases in Yat Kwai House, involving about 100 units, 49 cases in Ying Kwai House, 3 cases in Nga Kwai House. 7 other apartment blocks have recorded one case each.