HA Employees Alliance threatens to go strike from 3rd February if Hospital Authority fails to respond to their five demands to stop Wuhan pneumonia from spreading in the city


26th January 2020 – (Hong Kong) HA Employees Alliance made their five demands to Hospital Authority in the wake of the escalated situation of Wuhan pneumonia outbreak. They urged the government to stop any visitors from entering Hong Kong from China and to call upon the public to weak masks. They also urged the government to prevent sufficient isolation wards and suspend all non-emergency services. Also, cases where infected patients escaped must be followed up closely. They also demanded sufficient facilities to be provided for medical staff or they will go on strike for five days from 3rd February. They will first stop all non-emergency service during the first stage of strike. During the second stage of strike, they will only provide limited emergency if the Hospital Authority fails to respond to them after 4 days. They vow to take the strike to the next level if there is no response after five days.

A spokesperson for HA Employees Alliance insisted that the visitors from China should not be allowed to enter Hong Kong as the incubation period can last as long as two weeks. The public hospitals in Hong Kong will not be able to cope with the epidemic and more civilians will be at risk of being infected. Hospital Authority announced at the beginning of January that 1,400 new beds in isolation wards would be ready but HA Employees Alliance felt that the arrangement failed to keep up with the increment of patients who were infected.

Meanwhile, Chan Kin-Por,  chairman of the Legco Finance Committee stated in a radio interview that that Hong Kong cannot shut its borders to contain the virus as the extreme measure can only be implemented when multiple deaths are detected. The current situation does not warrant a complete shutdown at its border with China.