HA Employees Alliance requested to submit information on 8 anti-government activities it participated


15th September 2021 – (Hong Kong) During the anti-extradition protests in 2019, many new trade unions were registered and some of them were created to launch anti-government activities during the riots and the anti-epidemic period. It is understood that members from HA Employees Alliance which initiated a medical strike at the beginning of 2021 and requested border reopening received a letter from the Registry of Trade Unions under the Labour Department this month requesting the submission of information on 8 activities.

The Union is required to submit relevant information on 8 activities that it has been involved in the past on or before the 17th of this month. Related activities include a medical strike, calling for boycotts against “LeaveHomeSafe” App and making disparaging remarks against Sinovac vaccine developed by the Mainland. It also held a June 4th screening, and the former chairman of the Union, Winnie Yu’s participation in the democratic “35+” primary election last year.

A spokesperson for the Labour Department said that the Registry of Trade Unions sent a letter to the registered trade union on the 3rd of this month, requesting relevant information on the activities it had undertaken. As follow-up work is still in progress, the Registry will not comment on individual cases.