Guo Jingjing, known for her frugality, spotted in Guangzhou using a Hermes bag, alongside husband Kenneth Fok


    3rd April 2024 – (Guangzhou) Guo Jingjing, the renowned Chinese diver, and her husband Kenneth Fok, the eldest grandson of tycoon Henry Fok and eldest son of Timothy Fok, have been spotted in Guangzhou, China, accompanied by a team of staff members, including the mall owner. This departure from their usual low-key lifestyle has sparked curiosity among netizens.

    Guo Jingjing, who has always dedicated herself to family life since marrying Kenneth Fok and settling down in Hong Kong, has maintained a simple and understated appearance. However, recent photographs taken during their outing revealed a different side. Guo Jingjing was seen dressed casually and engaged in conversation with her accompanying staff members. Observant netizens also noticed that she was carrying a Hermès mini 24/24 handbag, valued at approximately HK$90,000. This unexpected choice of accessory has led to questioning and criticism from some online users.

    Netizens expressed their surprise and scepticism, questioning Guo Jingjing’s departure from her renowned frugal and modest lifestyle. Comments such as “Wasn’t she always advocating for diligence and thriftiness? Why is she using Hermès now?” and “Wasn’t she someone who prided herself on being down-to-earth and not needing luxury brands like Hermès? Why has she started using them?” have emerged. However, many others came to Guo Jingjing’s defence, pointing out that as a wealthy and prominent figure, it is not unusual for her to own and use luxury items. They argued that using Hermès does not contradict her values of frugality and that it is simply a matter of personal preference and status.

    While Guo Jingjing has typically maintained a modest and grounded style in the past, her appearances alongside her husband at various events and dinners have showcased a more refined and sophisticated fashion sense in recent years. Netizens have previously captured her carrying the Hermès mini 24/24 handbag on multiple occasions. Additionally, she has been seen with a Hermès Mini Kelly II, valued at approximately HK$200,000, at fundraising galas, exuding an air of opulence.