GUCCI event in Central attended by many celebrities including Nicholas Tse and Aaron Kwok, Maggie Cheung makes rare appearance as guest DJ

    Nicholas Tse and Aaron Kwok.

    24th June 2022 – (Hong Kong) Many Hong Kong celebrities attended the GUCCI event at Landmark Central yesterday.

    Nicholas Tse, Aaron Kwok, Karena Lam, Juno Mak, Janice Man etc were present and clad in GUCCI outfits. 57-year-old Maggie Cheung was even invited to be the guest DJ during the star-studded evening.

    It is worth mentioning that Aaron Kwok, who is only around 1.71 metres, and Nicholas Tse, who is 1.74 metres tall stood together during the event. The heights of the two are actually very similar. It was revealed earlier that Nicholas Tse was no more than 170cm.