Guangdong Maritime Search and Rescue Centre confirms shipwreck of mainland engineering vessel “Fujing 001”, 27 crew members still missing


3rd July 2022 – (Hong Kong) When Typhoon Chaba hit Guangdong Province and Hainan Island last Saturday (2nd), the mainland engineering vessel “Fujing 001” broke into half and sank in the waters southwest of Hong Kong, and 30 people on board fell into the sea. According to an announcement by the Guangdong Maritime Search and Rescue Centre in the early hours of Sunday (3rd), the vessel was a floating crane for offshore wind power project construction.

At 3.50am on Saturday, the Yangjiang Maritime Rescue Centre found “Fujing 001” in distress while on duty in the Guangdong Maritime Supervisory Command System, and quickly launched a maritime search and rescue emergency response, organised rescue operations, and coordinated with the South China Sea Rescue Bureau and Guangdong Maritime Safety Administration. A number of professional rescue ships and maritime patrol ships of the Bureau, Guangzhou Salvage Bureau, and a number of commercial ships and coast guard ships near the scene participated in the rescue.

In addition, the authorities coordinated with China Southern Airlines to send helicopters to the rescue, and at the same time informed the Hong Kong Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre of the situation, and arranged the dispatch of 3 rescue helicopters and 1 fixed-wing aircraft from the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government Flying Service to the scene.

After the incident, the South China Sea Forecast Centre made drift predictions for the vessel, and played navigation warnings to instruct the people on board in distress to wear life jackets and take self-rescue measures. At about 12 noon on the same day, three people on the vessel were rescued by the helicopter of the Hong Kong Government Flying Team, and the remaining 27 people were still missing. At present, “Fujing 001” has sunk, and search and rescue operations are still in progress.