Groom shows stoic expression during wedding banquet where bride’s dowry list of more than HK$9.5m displayed


29th May 2022 – (Chengdu) A couple in Chengdu, Sichuan got married a few days ago. The woman’s dowry list was shown and it included cash, luxury car and house. The total value added up to more than 8 million yuan (about 9.5 million Hong Kong dollars). Many netizens were appalled by the total value. However, the groom’s facial expression on that day attracted more attention from netizens. A woman who attended the wedding banquet saw that during a photo session, the bride looked at the groom with a smile on her face but the groom reacted with a stoic expression.

The bride’s dowry list included 2 million in cash (RMB, the same below), a fund worth 2.6 million, a luxury car worth 700,000 yuan, a luxury house of 2.6 million, and a diamond ring. The estimated total amount exceeds 8 million yuan. As for the dowry given by the groom, it only totalled 410,000 yuan including gold jewellery.

Many netizens mocked the groom and asked him to accept his faith if he wanted to ‘marry the rich’.