GRILL MANTEN-BOSHI, established Omelette Rice restaurant in Tokyo debuts in Harbour City


9th December 2021 – (Hong Kong) GRILL MANTEN-BOSHI , a renowned omelette rice restaurant from Tokyo has opened its first branch in Hong Kong at Shop OT301-301A, 3/F, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui since 12th November. GRILL MANTEN-BOSHI was founded in 1978 by Yoshinao Kubota, a protégé of Tokuzou Akiyama, Chef of Emperor Shōwa. Headquartered in Tokyo’s Azabu district, GRILL MANTEN-BOSHI has been a popular wayō-style (Western-influenced cooking in Japanese cuisine) restaurant with 7 branches in Tokyo which is highly sought after by the Japanese patrons for 43 years. GRILL MANTEN-BOSHI (Hong Kong) is dedicated to upholding the spirit of authentic Japanese omelette rice cuisine, presenting a range of signature dishes prepared with meticulous cooking techniques and fresh ingredients to Hong Kong diners. 

Celebrate the Debut of GRILL MANTEN-BOSHI with the Acclaimed Omelette Rice 

GRILL MANTEN-BOSHI (Hong Kong) is helmed by Ryota Abe, a Japanese executive chef trained in the headquarter in Japan with 25 years of experience in wayō cuisine. Chef Abe adheres to GRILL MANTEN-BOSHI’s traditional wayō philosophy, blending the best of Japanese cooking with the essence of French cuisine with the finest ingredients delivered directly from Japan. Another hallmark of GRILL MANTEN-BOSHI is the skills and the craftmanship of the culinary team which accentuates the original flavours of GRILL MANTEN-BOSHI, bringing unique wayō delicacies from Tokyo to Hong Kong diners in its entirety. GRILL MANTEN-BOSHI’s number one signature omelette rice is one of the most recognized dishes in Japan and is undoubtedly the most sought-after item in the restaurant. For an intriguing interplay of tastes and textures of the “egg”, “rice”, and “gravy”, diners won’t want to miss this unparalleled omelette rice! 

“Eggs” – There are different forms of omelette rice in the market, but GRILL MANTEN-BOSHI’s omelette rice is the first of its kind, with a silky soft and moist layer of egg and a topping of prawns, scallops and green beans. Each serving of omelette rice is made with three Ran-ou (蘭王) eggs from Oita, showing that the restaurant has spared no effort in creating this classic dish. 

“Rice” – The rice base is made from eight ingredients, including bamboo shoots, onions, corn and mushrooms, which are cooked and then baked in a homemade chicken broth to uphold the Japanese culinary practice of attention to detail. 

“Gravy” – GRILL MANTEN-BOSHI has three secret gravy specialties, namely omelette rice gravy (for tomato sauce-based omelette rice), Grill Manten-Boshi gravy (for burger steak) and curry gravy (for curry omelette rice). The gravy is made with a large amount of beef ribs and fresh ingredients such as carrots, onions and celery, which are simmered for up to a week with a complicated process to create a masterpiece of cooking. 

GRILL MANTEN-BOSHI is not only famed for its omelette rice, it also offers a wide range of classic dishes from its Japanese branches in Hong Kong. One of the must-try dishes Crab Cream Croquette ($148), in which crabmeat is mixed with a homemade cream sauce, deep-fried to a crispy golden colour and served with a secret tomato sauce. Another signature appetiser, Gillette Burger Steak (HK$148), is made with a 7:3 ratio of Wagyu beef from Kagoshima and Kamikomi pork from Hokkaido. And Slow Cook Beef Curry Rice (HK$178), made from American beef chops cooked in a homemade sauce for 36 hours until tender, is also a long-lasting classic at GRILL MANTEN-BOSHI in Japan. 

In addition to the classics, GRILL MANTEN-BOSHI (Hong Kong) also presents a series of Hong Kong limited signature dishes, including the first-ever Eel Omelette Rice (HK$248). The thick eel is served in a rich sauce that is not too fatty, making it a perfect and scrumptious match for the omelette rice. Another highlight of the menu is a variety of Hong Kong-only Steak Teppanyaki dishes, which are exclusively available to Hong Kong diners. One of the signature teppanyaki dishes is Kagoshima A4 Wagyu Sirloin (HK$498), a hot teppanyaki delicacy with a sauce that pours over the aroma and richness of the Wagyu sirloin, a sizzling dish you will never forget. The mouth-watering Lobster Roll (HK$238) with three cheeses and flavoursome sauces is also only limited in the Hong Kong branch. 

Eel Omelette Rice (HK$248)
Deep Fried Prawns Curry Omelette Rice

Another surprise at GRILL MANTEN-BOSHI (Hong Kong) is the great variety of wayō desserts and milkshakes. The big-hit Japanese soufflé pancake comes in four flavours, such as Fluffy Japanese (HK$108), Chocolate Banana (HK$138), Strawberry (HK$138) and Mixed Fruit (HK$138). Made with fresh farm eggs from Japan, the pancakes instantly melt in your mouth and will surely satisfy the taste buds of many customers. Japanese Sweet Potatoes Waffle (HK$128) is also a must-try for sweet potato lovers, with its aromatic flavour and soft and creamy texture making it irresistible. To lift the enjoyment to another level, a wide selection of attractive parfaits (HK$108) and milkshakes (HK$78) complete the ultimate wayō gourmet feast with a sweet note, taking diners on a memorable culinary journey through Tokyo. 

Japanese soufflé pancake
Japanese soufflé pancake

GRILL MANTEN-BOSHI signifies the restaurant shinning brightly like the stars in the sky. Found in 1978 by Yoshinao Kubota (窪田好直), a protégé of Tokuzou Akiyama (秋山徳蔵), Chef of Emperor Shōwa, GRILL MANTEN-BOSHI has been a popular restaurant in Japan, upholding the spirit of authentic Japanese omelette rice and wayō-style cuisine. Headquartered in Tokyo’s Azabu district, GRILL MANTEN-BOSHI introduced its omelette rice as the first of its kind, with a silky soft and moist layer of egg and a topping of prawns, scallops and green beans. The other 7 branches are located in Marunouchi, Isetan Kaikan Shinjuku, Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi, Nihonbashi Takashimaya, Odakyu Department Store Nishishinjuku, Hakata station and Haneda Airport. 

Grill Manten-boshi 

Address: Shop OT301-301A, 3/F, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui 

Opening Hours: 

Monday to Friday 12noon –10pm 

Saturday and Sunday 11:30am –10pm 

Tel:+852 3751 5345 

Email[email protected]