Green plastic bits with adhesive found in noodle soup at Wan Kwai Heung, Yau Mau Tei


23rd May 2019 – (Hong Kong) A female customer went to Wan Kwai Heung, a chain Noodle Shop in Yau Ma Tei at around 1pm today and halfway through her meal, she found tiny strip of green plastic bits in her soup with melted adhesive.

The contamination may post a possible health risk to anyone who consumes chemical parts cooked under high heat. She should have reported the incident to Food and Environmental Hygiene Department.

Picture credit : Olivia Cheng

What to Do After Finding a Foreign Object in Your Food

No matter where you are when a hazardous item in your food causes injuries, there are immediate steps to take that will help if you later decide to file an injury claim or lawsuit.

Foreign Objects in Restaurant Food

  • If you are eating at a restaurant and find something in your food that shouldn’t be there, immediately ask to see a manager. You’ll want restaurant management to know what happened.
  • If you had carry-out, still call the restaurant to notify the manager of the foreign material in their food.
  • If you’re injured, ask the manager to provide the name and contact information for the restaurant’s insurance company.
  • Write down everything the manager said to you, including any apologies or excuses for the hazardous object in your food.
  • Take pictures of the object on your plate, and close-ups of the object. Also, take pictures of the restaurant menu or something to establish your location.
  • If you broke a tooth or suffered cuts in your mouth, see a dentist or doctor right way. Be sure to tell your care provider exactly when, where, and how you were injured.
  • Report the incident to Food and Environmental Hygiene Department.