Greater Bay Airlines’ maiden flight to Taipei takes off today

Greater Bay Airlines

1st December 2022 – (Hong Kong) The Greater Bay Airlines, founded by Bill Wong, chairman of Shenzhen Donghai Airlines, has expanded its flight network. The new route from Hong Kong to Taipei made its maiden flight today. It is the second passenger-carrying route launched by the airline after Bangkok, Thailand. Following the announcement earlier that it will add a new route to Tokyo, Japan, travel agencies have started booking tickets for its Tokyo lights. Passengers on the inaugural flight of Greater Bay Airlines to Taiwan included a tour group of more than 20 passengers.

Greater Bay Airlines operates 5 round-trip flights from Hong Kong to Taipei every week. The departure time of the flight to Taipei is 8.55am on Sundays and Mondays while the return flight is scheduled at 11.45am. Evening flight departing to Taipei is at 6.10pm on every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The return flight to Hong Kong is at 9pm on those days.

There are two flights from Hong Kong to Bangkok daily. In addition, the Greater Bay Airlines announced earlier that it plans to add flights to and from Tokyo Narita in January next year.

The round-trip air ticket to Tokyo starts at HK$1,820 and it’s HK$2,799 including tax but does not include luggage. For air tickets with 10kg and 20kg of luggage, the round-trip fare with tax is HK$3,279 and HK$5,119 respectively.