Grave of Beyond’s Wong Ka-kui desecrated, two arrested suspected of seeking internet fame


20th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) The grave of Wong Ka-kui, the revered lead singer of the iconic Hong Kong rock band Beyond, was desecrated early Sunday morning at the Junk Bay Chinese Permanent Cemetery. The incident, marked by acts of vandalism including the smashing of Wong’s memorial plaque and defacement of a guitar-shaped carving, led to the arrest of two individuals—a 15-year-old boy and a 23-year-old man surnamed Yip.

The cemetery staff discovered the damage around 11am yesterday, noting that not only had the grave been doused with a liquid, presumably soft drink, but also that the memorial’s portrait and decorations had been physically attacked with a hammer and vandalised with marker pen ink. Law enforcement was promptly notified and arrested the suspects at the scene under suspicion of criminal destruction.

This act of vandalism appears to be premeditated and performed for social media notoriety, as evidenced by videos and photos swiftly circulating online, showcasing the despicable acts. The footage reveals one of the vandals, a bald young man, engaging in a bizarre tirade against Wong, singing a Beyond song ironically about freedom and aspirations, before proceeding to defile the site.

The arrested teenagers’ motivations are still under investigation, but initial reports suggest a troubling history of similar behaviour. The 15-year-old has previously been apprehended for public disturbances and claims to suffer from autism and ADHD. His companion, Yip, is known in the community as a fitness enthusiast and martial arts aficionado, often sharing his pursuits online.

The reaction from Wong’s former bandmates and family has been one of profound disappointment and anger. Wong’s brother, Wong Ka-keung, expressed his dismay on social media, questioning what one gains from harming others in such a manner. “What kind of environment breeds such contemptible behaviour?” he lamented, highlighting the sadness and shame brought upon by such actions.

The incident has drawn sharp criticism from all who admired Wong and his music, reflecting a broader community’s respect for cultural figures and their resting places. Paul Wong, the guitarist of Beyond, philosophically noted that those responsible would face karma for their actions, emphasizing the spiritual and moral dimensions of the offence.