Govt in active negotiation with Mainland authorities to replace or abolish nucleic acid testing requirement for HK travellers going to Mainland, no timetable for revocation of mask order at present


22nd January 2023 – (Hong Kong) It has been two weeks since the border with Mainland reopened on the 8th of this month. In addition to the daily quotas, Hong Kong travellers must also hold a negative 48-hour nucleic acid test certificate.

The Hong Kong government stated today that it is discussing with the Mainland to promote the next stage of border reopening, hoping to replace nucleic acid testing with rapid antigen testing, and even cancel the testing requirements for cross-border travel. The Hong Kong government explained that the number of daily confirmed cases after border reopening with Mainland did not increase, but continued to decline. It can be seen that border reopening has no impact on the overall epidemic situation. The government believes that in the near future, when conditions allow, Rapid Antigen Testing (RAT) can be implemented or even no testing will be required, so that Hong Kong can fully return to normal.

At present, there is a daily quota of 50,000 for Hong Kong travellers going to Mainland. The Hong Kong government stated that the quota has not been exhausted, and the Spring Festival is the peak time for cross-border travel. Meanwhile, the Hong Kong government stated that there is still no timetable for revoking the mask order. It also pointed out that wearing a mask is the most effective anti-epidemic measure, and it can also prevent flu effectively.