Govt expert clarifies that citizens should wear surgical mask and cloth mask at the same time instead of 2 surgical masks to protect against Omicron


13th January 2022 – (Hong Kong) The mutant virus Omicron is spreading rapidly in the local community, triggering the fifth wave of the epidemic. Among them, there was vertical transmission via Units B in the same block in Maple Gardens Phase 3 in North Point. Government expert consultant Yuen Kwok-yung said after inspecting the building at noon today (12th) that Omicron has strong airborne ability, and advised citizens to “wear two surgical masks to increase protection and filtering ability.”

During yesterday evening, he clarified that wearing two surgical masks “may not be good enough”, and suggested that citizens can wear one surgical mask before wearing an extra layer of cloth mask to ensure that the surgical mask fits tightly to the face, thereby enhancing protection.

Regarding the local proposal to wear N95 masks in the United States, he believes that due to the fact that there are not many cases in the Hong Kong community, there is no need for citizens to wear N95 masks for the time being.