Govt denies rumour that civil servants will be forced to receive COVID-19 vaccination


4th May 2021 – (Hong Kong) The government has repeatedly used multiple incentives to push citizens to receive COVID-19 vaccination, including the recent launch of “vaccine bubble” to gradually relax restrictions on catering premises and there is a rumour that the Hong Kong government may require all civil servants to be vaccinated.

When the government responded today (4th), it denied the rumour and it was unaware that someone met with civil servants to discuss vaccine or anti-epidemic issues.

The government emphasised that all countries in the world rely on vaccination to control the epidemic. The government has always hoped to increase the vaccination rate so that the epidemic can be resolved as soon as possible. The government will do its best to encourage and appeal to the public to get vaccinated. The government also pointed out that in response to the recent occurrence of 4 variant cases, stricter measures are needed to arrange the evacuation of the entire building and the 21-day quarantine. In the first 3 variants cases, 1,600 people have been quarantined. The Centre for Health Protection is studying whether the arrangements for quarantine for citizens who have completed vaccination can be adjusted in the future.