Govt actively considering “0+7” quarantine arrangement for inbound travellers but no fixed implementation date for now

Professor Lo Chung-mau

17th September 2022 – (Hong Kong) The Secretary for Health, Professor Lo Chung-mau said during a radio program this morning (17th) that the authorities understand that Hong Kong is an international city and he agreed to improve its foreign policy and enhance its external connections to revive the economy. The government will not give up to reopen borders with Mainland and other countries.

He believes that there will be sufficient data to support the reduction of hotel quarantine for arrivals in the short term, and actively consider the “0+7” quarantine arrangement for inbound travellers. However, no implementation date has been given for now as Lo does not want others to criticise the government for being inconsistent in policies.

Lo said that the authorities are reviewing the existing “3+4” quarantine and cited data to point out that since 12th August, during inspections by law enforcement officers, there has been no illegal case of people with amber codes entering designated premises. There were also no persons found to have violated anti-epidemic regulations after their amber codes turned to red.

As for persons with red codes entering scheduled premises illegally, none of them were inbound travellers

Regarding border reopening with the Mainland, Lo said that after review, the number of “health station quarantine rooms” for Hong Kong travellers entering Shenzhen for quarantine has risen to 1,500 a day. He also said that since the “pre-departure quarantine” scheme involves complex arrangements, it will be dealt with as soon as possible.