Government’s commitment extends beyond national security, says Chief Executive

John Lee

6th December 2023 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong Chief Executive John Lee dismissed the notion that the government solely prioritises national security, emphasising the presence of various policies that extend beyond this realm. While acknowledging the existence of national security policies, Lee asserted that the majority of the government’s initiatives are unrelated to this domain.

Lee acknowledged the possibility of blind spots within the government and among individuals, expressing openness to constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement. He highlighted his result-oriented approach and willingness to embrace alternative viewpoints, urging citizens to communicate their ideas effectively.

Critiquing certain individuals, Lee accused them of employing issues concerning livelihoods, such as the economy and public housing, as a tool for soft resistance against the government, strategically diverting attention from more pressing matters. He condemned these tactics, asserting that they hinder progress and fail to address the true needs of the community.

Furthermore, Lee drew attention to the existence of individuals who target the nation’s development by advocating for sanctions against specific individuals or industries. He likened their actions to strangling the city’s progress in certain sectors, undermining healthy competition and impeding growth.

Highlighting the presence of foreign influences, Lee suggested that these forces have nurtured their “agents” within Hong Kong and warned against underestimating their continued presence. While he did not provide specific details, his remarks suggested that vigilance is necessary to safeguard the city’s interests.

Shifting the conversation to the recent election, Lee emphasized the importance of passionate and well-informed councillors who possess a deep understanding of the districts they represent. He called for unity of thought among councillors, urging them to share a common goal of serving the citizens and improving their quality of life, rather than engaging in unnecessary political posturing.

Encouraging future councillors to work diligently, Lee humorously remarked that he would be capable of doubling his efforts if provided with 48 hours in a day. This lighthearted remark underscored his commitment to hard work and dedication to the betterment of Hong Kong.