Government to provide public with latest information on vaccines in due course


14th January 2021 – (Hong Kong) The effective rate of one of the three vaccines ordered by Hong Kong, Sinovac Vaccine was only 50.38% in the late phase 3 clinical trial report in Brazil which was far lower than the 78% announced earlier. Many members of the public are concerned with the results.

A government spokesman responded in the evening that the Department of Health is actively following up with vaccine manufacturers that have reached a procurement agreement with the government to obtain relevant data for evaluation and approval as soon as possible. The government will also provide the public with the latest information on vaccines through different channels in due course, and announce the opinions provided by experts on vaccines so that the public can grasp the correct and comprehensive information on vaccines, and call on the public to carefully verify the information on vaccines online instead of believing in unverified rumors.

The spokesperson also emphasised that all new coronavirus vaccines used in Hong Kong must comply with relevant requirements and procedures, and be approved for emergency use in accordance with the Prevention and Control of Diseases (Use of Vaccines) Regulations, specifying vaccine manufacturers or their agents, importers or wholesalers. The applicant must submit the third phase clinical research data of the vaccine, the status of overseas approval, and other information related to the safety, efficacy and quality of the vaccine. The Secretary of Food and Health will consider the advice of the advisory expert committee before approving the vaccine for emergency use.