Government receives interim report on power cable incident in Yuen Long from CLP


 24th June 2022 – (Hong Kong) In relation to the power cable incident of CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) during the evening of 21st June, the Government requested CLP Power to investigate the incident and submit an interim report in three days (i.e. 24th June) and a detailed report in two weeks (i.e. 6th July) after the incident. The Government received the interim report submitted by CLP Power to the Director of Electrical and Mechanical Service (the Director) at about 6pm today.

The power outage incident is still under investigation. The interim report gives an account of the course of the incident, the immediate remedial measures, the progress of the emergency repair works as well as the direction of improvement. The Government is examining the report to assess the incident, and will request CLP Power to make clarifications or supplement further information in the detailed report where required. CLP Power will also be requested to devise and implement comprehensive improvement measures to prevent similar incidents from happening again.

  The spokesman said that the Government was very concerned about the incident and had been following up closely with CLP Power on the latest developments. The Emergency Monitoring and Support Centre was activated that evening (21st June) to co-ordinate prompt cross-departmental efforts in response to the incident, including trying their best to maintain law and order, providing medical and other emergency services, opening temporary shelters, providing an emergency fresh water supply and food to some residents, with a view to providing assistance to residents in need. The Government will continue to monitor the power supply and rectification works of CLP Power to ensure that the power system will resume as normal at the soonest. The accident was an isolated case affecting the power system of individual districts. The overall power grid and power supply of Hong Kong remained normal.

At around 7.10pm on 21st June, a CLP Power cable bridge located near The Spectra, Wang Lok Street in Yuen Long, caught fire. The three 132kV high-voltage cables installed in the cable bridge providing power supply to Yuen Long, Tin Shui Wai and Tuen Mun areas were damaged in the incident, affecting the power supply to around 160,000 customers in the above-mentioned areas. After arranging an emergency power supply, CLP Power restored the electricity supply to emergency and essential services with priority, and to around 100,000 customers at 10pm. Around midnight, power was restored for about 140,000 affected customers. By around 8am the next day, power supply to all affected areas had resumed as normal. With efforts by CLP Power’s engineering teams, one of the cables was restored at 3am on 24th June, stabilising the electricity supply in the area.

Under the Electricity Ordinance (Cap. 406) (the Ordinance), the Government monitors the power companies to ensure the safe and reliable supply of electricity in Hong Kong. The Ordinance stipulates the power and responsibility of electricity suppliers, including, in case of an electrical accident, giving the Director a report of the cause and what remedial action has been or will be done to prevent a recurrence of the accident.