Google apps reportedly crash on Android phones after new system update


    22nd June 2021 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and many other places around the world experienced malfunctions while opening Android Google apps today. The U.S. media said that the situation occurred after the Android system was updated. Google responded and said that some users have reported that the Google apps cannot be used normally on Android. They are now understanding the situation. The Government Computer Emergency Response Team Hong Kong has not issued a security alert for the time being. The issue seems prominently for the Android smartphone users; specifically Mi and Redmi smartphones.

    A few hours after Google launched the Android system update, many users could not use Google Podcasts, Lens, etc., and the apps kept shutting down automatically. A Taiwanese user pointed out in the discussion forum that the Google app keeps popping up error messages, including shutdowns, crashes, etc., which increase the power consumption of the mobile phone, even if the mobile phone is put to sleep or restarted, it was useless. The main affected users are Android mobile phone users. There is no problem with the Apple mobile phone, which may be caused by a problem with the Google system. There are reports suggesting that users try to uninstall or disable the apps and some netizens removed the update oof the Android System WebView system components, which temporarily solved the problem.

    It is believed that Google should be able to solve the problem within 24 hours.