Goldfish market shop goes viral on XiaoHongShu with unique owner tactics


12th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) In the world of trendy photo spots, Hong Kong has its fair share of unique locations that leave locals puzzled. Among them is an unexpected hotspot that involves posing with McDonald’s food next to the street sign of Macdonnell Road. However, one particular place has caught the attention of mainland Chinese tourists—the Goldfish Market on Tung Choi Street, where a goldfish vendor has become famous for his explosive personality. Surprisingly, his fish shop has become a must-visit destination for Mainland netizens, and he has recently taken his marketing efforts to XiaoHongShu, employing some unconventional tactics to attract attention.

Many girls enjoy taking photos at the goldfish vendor. The reason why this particular spot has attracted mainland netizens is because the vendor has covered his shop with hand-written “big-character posters.” Some of the messages include phrases like “If you’re not an idiot, please don’t scoop the fish in and out,” “If you can’t manage your own children, this store does not welcome them,” “It doesn’t smell like fish or bird droppings, but like pig intestines and stinky tofu,” and “Oppose the disgraceful act of polluting the world’s oceans with nuclear wastewater.” Additionally, one of the posters states, “This shop owner is easily irritated, so be mindful of your questions, or he’ll angrily respond.”

Just by reading these posters, one can get a sense of the vendor’s explosive personality. Initially, one would assume that he would dislike mainland tourists taking photos and potentially affecting his business. However, he surprised everyone by prominently displaying a big poster that reads, “Greetings to all independent travellers! Welcome to Goldfish Street in Hong Kong. Please feel free to take photos. Have a pleasant journey!” This unexpected warm welcome to mainland visitors has propelled the goldfish vendor to fame on XiaoHongShu, making his shop one of the must-visit “sights” on the platform.

However, Mainland tourists’ enthusiasm for taking photos doesn’t necessarily translate into financial success for the shop. Since they are unable to bring the fish back to the mainland, they usually take photos outside the shop, which sometimes hinders genuine customers who intend to make purchases. In response to this situation, the vendor has employed a clever tactic to attract more customers. He recently created an account on XiaoHongShu and placed a prominent sign in his shop that reads, “Follow ‘Fantastic Goldfish Vendor’ on XiaoHongShu. Hi, can you give me a follow?”

On his XiaoHongShu account, he not only shares pictures of the goldfish in his shop but also includes photos of tourists who come to take photos. Like a stamp collector, he takes photos alongside mainland tourists and shares these pictures on XiaoHongShu. Recently, he posted a photo featuring his hand-written poster that says, “Feel free to take it and use it for photos. After you’re done, please put it back. Can those who took photos support me? Thank you!”