Goji Studios confirms that no more than 75 employees have been retained in restructuring exercise


13th April 2021 – (Hong Kong) The troubled Goji Studios, a fitness centre chain has entered the liquidation process. Earlier, it said that it had received support from new investors and its fitness centres would operate as usual. However, it was reported yesterday that nearly three-quarters of the company’s 450 employees were laid off.

In response, the company said on its Facebook page two hours ago that that no more than 75 full-time employees have been retained accounting for about one-third of full-time employees. Goji Studios issued a statement stating that there are currently about 450 full-time and part-time employees, of which 240 are full-time employees. As of today, nearly 150 full-time employees have been contacted and a new employment contract has been provided.

For the time being, no more than 75 full-time employees have been re-hired. Affected employees account for less than 16% of all employees, and other non-full-time employees such as instructors will not be affected. Goji Studios also mentioned that since the announcement of the business restructuring, it has caused many doubts and speculations from the outside world. Goji Studios has apologised for the confusion reiterated that the company will operate as usual after receiving a new round of investment.

“The first task is to keep the memberships intact and also to take care of our staff.” The company also said that it will actively consider opening new fitness centres for expansion.