“Godzilla vs Kong” takes over 80 pct of China’s Saturday box office


Xinhua News

28th March 2021 – (Beijing) U.S. film “Godzilla vs Kong” earned over 80 percent of China’s box office on Saturday, grossing more than 184 million yuan (28.13 million U.S. dollars).

The new chapter in the cinematic MonsterVerse pits the fearsome Godzilla and the mighty Kong against one another, with humanity caught in the balance.

Since its debut on Friday, “Godzilla vs Kong” has put an end to the box-office dominance of the re-released sci-fi blockbuster “Avatar,” according to data from the China Movie Data Information Network.

Chinese comedy “Hi, Mom,” the maiden directorial project of comedian and actress Jia Ling, placed second on Saturday’s daily chart.

“Hi, Mom” is the top Chinese box office earner so far this year, having seen its domestic ticket earnings exceed 5.4 billion yuan to date.